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Maria-Vasiliki Kourouni

Who am I?

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I am a geomatics engineer. I enjoy working on challenging, innovative and inter-disciplinary projects where programming, creativity, and art are combined. I have worked with Web tools and technologies and have experience in development of web geo-applications. I love structure and order and I also stand for quality. I enjoy working in a motivating environment where I can extend my knowledge and skills and two working days are not exactly the same.

Working experience

November 2017 - Now

Scientific assistant (part time 20%), Chair of Spatial Planning and Landscape Development, ETH Zurich
Participation in the development of Raum+

May 2017 - Now

Geoinformation Engineer, GRG Ingenieure AG
Data integration and development.

Nov 2016 - Jan 2017

Intern Website Developer Joomla, FIFA Early Warning Sys/tem GMBH
Support the IT team in developing web-based training material, create various content for websites & define and develop various Joomla templates.

Sept 2015 - Aug 2016

Intern Web Mapping, Federal Office of Topography, swisstopo
in sector of Coordination, Geo-information and Services - BGDI Web Infrastructure
Participation in the development of map.geo.admin.ch and api3.geo.admin.ch.

Dec 2014 - May 2014

Auxiliary assistant in the Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, ETH Zurich
under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Konrad Schindler
Point cloud classification of laser scanner data (provided by Leica).

June 2013

Geodetic Project Course, ETH Zurich
Monitoring a sliding area with total-station and terrestrial laser scanner at Sarnen, Switzerland.

Nov 2011 - July 2012

Engineer at Stathis Kokkinis -Technology 2020 S.A., private company undertaking the construction of public buildings in Athens, Greece
Duties: construction management, geodetic surveys related to field work and data processing (land measuring & making property boundaries).

May 2008 - June 2008

Internship at National Technical University of Athens
Land geodetic surveys and cadastral for the island Tilos, Greece

Sept 2008 - June 2012

Private tutoring
Prinate lessons of mathematics and physics to children of primary and secondary education.


Sept 2012 - Jan 2015

Master of Science in Geomatic Engineering & Planning,
Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering, ETH Zurich

Geoinformation Science and Cartography
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Engineering Geodesy and Satellite Geodesy
Master thesis:
"Geo-spatial analysis of bicycle usage open data in Zurich."
Head: Prof. Dr. Martin Raubal | Advisor: Prof. Vassilios Vescoukis
Master project:
"A useful workflow to compare different 2D and 3D visualizations of an alpine region."
Head: Prof. Dr. Lorenz Hurni | Advisors: Dr. Christian Häberling & Aline Brüngger

Sept 2005 - Oct 2011

Diploma in School of Rural and Surveying Engineering (SRSE),
National Technical University of Athens

Infrastructure and Rural Development Scope
Master thesis:
"Determination of possible micromovements at the monument of Klepsydra at Akropolis of Athens."
Supervisor: Prof. Orthodoxia Arabatzi
Master project:
"Study of algorithms for the determination of resemblance between curvatures."
Supervisor: Prof. Vassilios Vescoukis


October 2014

M.Kourouni and A.Tsampazi, “Cultural event map of the city of Thessaloniki.”, in Proceedings of the 13th Hellenic Cartographic Society Conference, Patras, Greece.

Further interests

May 2017 - Now

Volunteer coach at the DjangoGirls events in Bern and Zurich.
DjangoGirls is a non-profit organization and a community that empowers and helps women to organize free, programming workshops by providing tools, resources and support.

February 2017

Volunteer at the Missing Maps project of the Humanitarian OpenstreetMap Team.

Computer skills


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, OpenLayers, Bootstrap, ExtJS,
Python, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GeoServer,
Bash, Git


Joomla!, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, ArcGIS, QGIS, AutoCAD


Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Office Skills

Microsoft Office, Open Office, LaTeX


Greek (mother tongue), English (C1 level), German (B2 level), French (B2 level)


One small portfolio of my projects during my master studies.

Master Thesis

"Geo-spatial analysis of bicycle usage open data in Zurich"

This master thesis dealt with the design and implementation of an online interactive tool for the assessment and visualization of the exposure of bicycle-riders or pedestrians to air pollution over a selected online mapping platform using Web-GIS tools and technologies. In a nutshell, this work was all about the development of an online interactive Web-GIS application to maintain a database of environmental measurements available as Open Data, to visualize selected measurements using user-defined criteria, to calculate the spatial distribution of pollutants and to calculate exposure indices for user-provided tracks (VGI-Volunteered Geographic Information) and bicycle-networks (Open Data).

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Hellenic Cartographic Conference

"Cultural Event Map of the city of Thessaloniki"

This project was about creating an interactive touristic map of the city of Thessaloniki which would provide important information for the tourists (such as hotels, restaurants, cinemas, museums, theaters and bus-stops) as well as information about the cultural events of the city of Thessaloniki (music events, art events and museum exhibitions). The innovation of this project is the integration of a calendar which gives the possibility to the tourist-user to select a specific date and access information about the cultural events that take place on this date. Furthermore, the integration of the slider gives the opportunity to select a specific period of dates: all the cultural events that are going to take place during this period are then visualized on the map. JQuery library was used for the integration of the calendar (date-selector) and slider. Also, additional information could be presented in the info-windows by clicking on the cartographic symbols of the interactive map.

Master Project

"A useful workflow to compare different 2D and 3D visualizations of an alpine region"

This master project deals with the development of a new workflow for the comparative evaluation of two different visualizations, especially of a 2D map and a 3D perspective view of an alpine region. The literature review shows that nowadays the map-designers have no evidence on which method of comparing cartographic visualizations can be easily implemented and give better results. The need of new easy and useful methods to compare different cartographic visualizations is identified. A new easy-to-handle and useful workflow is proposed. The design of a 2D visualization of an alpine region, the creation of the 3D visualization of the same alpine region and the creation of polls with new formulated questions for an effective comparison between the two different visualizations are implemented. The integration of the newly created modules on a website is realized for testing each one of the two visualizations by test-users. For the conduction of map-user-tests, the created website is consisted of a map-user-test on the 2D visualization, a map-user-test on the 3D visualization and an introduction page offering the possibility to the test-user to select which visualization want to evaluate first. The map-user-tests are conducted in the sense of a pilot study. The analysis of the map-user-tests’ results draw general and important conclusions concerning the two different visualizations, but also important conclusions are derived concerning the workflow. Possible improvements or adjustments of the workflow are discussed and suggested for future work.

Multimedia Cartography Project

"Planetary Atlas"

The Planetary Atlas shows the planets and moons of our solar system in an interactive way. It offers the possibility to dive into space and take control of which planet you are looking at and even choose the date and speed of the movement of the planets. This animated atlas combined with the relevant information of the planets was a group project for the course of Multimedia Cartography at the ETH Zurich. To animate the planetary system we used the WebGL capabilities of the web browser. The Three.js (Three.js, 2013) library was used, which extends and simplifies the core WebGL API, was used for the implementation of solar-system-animation. My task was the client-side implementation, i.e. I had the responsibility to create the Graphical User Interface and work on the interactivity of the planets and their moons. Sencha ExtJS library was used for the GUI-implementation.

Digital Cartography Project

"Tourist map of Lausanne - Public Transportation"

This interactive map was a group project for the course of Digital Cartography at ETH Zurich. In the map, thematic information is offered (bus, subway and train lines and stations, car and bicycle rentals, fuel stations). There are pictures of stations in the info-windows and linking timetables to stations. The aim of the project was the creation of an interactive pseudo-natural map. For the psedo-natural design of the map, special effects were used in Adobe Photoshop.

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